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New Thing

"information came about her..."

The World Is A Gutter

"Crack, junkies, guns, sluts & cocaine"

Baby Loves You - on David Letterman

"You know i, I got a little problem..."


"I'm a little boy blue i'm the man on the moon..."

Fly High Michelle

"six o'clock in the morning..."

Right By Your Side

"We've got our troubles and we know it.."

Superstitious - On David Letterman

"Seen you in the underground, a loser to your game..."


"Nobody wants to me i'm a freak!"

Mother's Eyes

'Behind that mother's eyes..."

Bullett From A Gun

"Cause I've got no time for love', Cause I'm always on the run, I'm a bullet from a gun..."

Ain't it Funny - on The Jenny Jones Show

"He couldn't go on, every dream inside his wish is so golden..."

There Goes My Heart

"Woo hoo hoooo..."

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